Sunday, February 20, 2011

Melbourne, Weddings - Pearl & Kelvin's Wedding Day

If it were me, I'd want to look back someday and remember all the little details that I've put into my wedding. All the small touches. Like the flowers we chose. The shoes she wore. Her dress. Because I'm very sure that when it comes to big occasions like weddings, we usually get so worked up, so excited, so adrenalin-pumped, that it all seemed like a blur. 

I'm glad Kelvin asked me to cover Pearl's getting-ready in the morning. I hope they'll both look back at these pictures and remember and relive the little moments of the morning of their wedding day. 

Like Pearl's beautifully sequined dress which was handmade by Kelvin's mom (Alice Chai, design store in Sg. Wang, Kuala Lumpur). I'm very sure a lot of work went into the sequins and beads, and more importantly, the cut of the dress with the amazingly graceful flow of the train. The dress was an exquisite balance of simplicity and embellishment to give a great sense of occasion. A feat, I'm very sure. 

Let's also not forget the moment when Kelvin decided that his car needed a shine. And Pearl laughing as she remarked, "Have you heard of any grooms cleaning their cars on their wedding day?"

Thanks for having me to be a part of your day, Pearl and Kelvin. There's nothing more that I hope for other than that you'll look at these, and smile. 


  1. What a dream wedding:) Congrats to Pearl and Kevin - and nice job Jeremy.

  2. beautiful photos jeremy, as usual. i love the post processing! well done

  3. nice pics, J. What do you use for post editing? photoshop?

  4. Sam: Thanks! The Botanical Gardens was beautiful that day. And weather was perfect.

    Katie: Thanks Katie. Usually try to avoid too much post, but I guess gotta give the people what they want? Haha

    Shuks: Yeah, I use Photoshop. Good to know the skills learnt in IACT are being put to good use. Lol

  5. love the mood of these pic, very nice! well done :)

  6. Thanks Ah Yie! Great to hear that from you. :)

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